August 29, 2020




1. 選一張正方形的紙,任何大小都可以,初學者可選小一點,畫作會比較快完成更有滿足感。
2. 用一支鉛筆或黑色筆,在紙上畫上四點圓點,用線連起來。
3. 用線條畫分四個區域,直線曲線皆可。
4. 選一個區域,用重複圖案或線條將它填滿,可以是幾何圖案、波浪或者植物紋理。
5. 隨意將圖案之間的空間填滿色。
6. 餘下三個區域同樣做法即可。

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Draw a Zentangle to relieve stress
It is inevitable to feel stressful after dealing with the pandemic for a prolonged period of time. Are there ways to de-stress? Try Zentangle, which involves seemingly complicated tangled and repeated patterns. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen, and you do not need to be artistic to complete this exercise. Individuals of any age can paint a Zentangle, you paint according to your inspiration, and eraser is not required. When painting, try to stay focused and cultivate inner peace, as it helps to relieve stress and train our patience. You can find more information online if you wish to learn more about Zentangle.

Zentangle for beginners:
1. Choose a piece of square paper of any size, beginners are advised to start with a smaller piece of paper, as it will speed up the process, giving them a sense of accomplishment.
2. Use a pencil or black pen, drop four dots on the paper, and link the dots up with lines.
3. Use straight or curved lines to divide them into four zones.
4. Select a zone, use a repeated pattern or line to fill it up – it can be geometric shapes, wave patterns or textures of a leaf.
5. Color the space in between as you wish.
6. Repeat the same process for the three remaining zones.

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