September 6, 2022

#24節氣 – 白露】





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When it is White Dew solar term, you can feel that the autumn is really coming. It is the time when the temperature difference between day and night is the largest. You can easily see condensation on plants in the morning. In the typical autumn climate, it is still quite warm in this beginning of autumn, but once the sun has set, the temperature will be cooler at night. This difference in temperature also leads people to catch colds easily. Especially for people with deficient constitution and lack of yang qi, put on more clothes when needed. The weather is getting drier. It is necessary to start the prevention of ‘autumn dryness’ as ‘dryness hurts and consumes fluids’. So eat more ingredients that can moisten lung, promote fluid production, nourish yin and relieve dryness, such as pear, snow fungus, American ginseng, lily bulb, sesame, honey and loquat, and drink enough water.

Healthy living during White Dew Solar Term:
“Moisten the lungs and promote fluid production, nourish yin and relieve thirst.”

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