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Care tips during early autumn

Early August would mark the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. The weather is still warm but would turn cool after sunset. Such weather is literally called ‘the tiger of autumn’ in Mandarin because the heat from the weather during early autumn is as haughty and domineering as a tiger.

Getting rid of the summer heat at the beginning of autumn can be a hassle as we can feel the remnants of the tiger of autumn’s wrath. According to the Chinese Medicine dietary principles, we should still be clearing heat and dispelling dampness from the body, but the ingredients we consume should be warmer in nature. For instance, we can make soup using hairy gourd and chayote to replace winter melon.

We should not hurry to nourish the yin and moisten the dryness during autumn because we may have excessively consumed raw and cold foods that have damaged the stomach and the spleen during summer. It is best for us to strengthen the functions of the spleen and the stomach first by consuming ingredients such as white rice, millet, Chinese yam, sweet potato, and hyacinth bean coat.

We should also reduce eating fried, heavily-flavored, raw, and cold foods. Once our spleen and stomach can perform at an optimal condition, these organs would be able to absorb the nutrients from ingredients that can nourish the yin and moisten the lungs. We should adjust our habit of sleeping late during summer to sleeping and waking up early. This will help us adjust to the shorter autumn days and relieve the qi in the lungs.

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