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☐ 痛經嚴重
☐ 經期7天以上或月經淋漓不盡甚至不止
☐ 月經量多,每隔1至2小時要更換衛生巾
☐ 性交時下腹疼痛
☐ 不孕
☐ 未曾懷孕
☐ 曾流產、不孕或宮外孕
☐ 家屬曾患子宮內膜異位


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Don’t overlook menstrual pain
Do you belong to the chocolate cyst high-risk group?

Endometriosis is a common female disease. Every month, the endometrium will thicken and become richer in blood. If it is not fertilized by a sperm, then it will disintegrate. If the endometrium is grown out of its designated areas, for instance, the ovaries and other abdominal cavities, then it will turn into a blood tumor that is dark brown in color. Hence, the name chocolate cyst.

Patients with a chocolate cyst might experience mild abdominal pain and menstrual disorders. In severe cases, it might cause an individual to become infertile. In rarer cases, the chocolate cyst might even become cancerous.

According to Chinese Medicine, endometriosis is a type of pelvic cellulitis, and it is normally caused by visceral disorders, stagnation of the qi and blood, and cold coagulation. What then are the symptoms of the high-risk groups?
☐Severe menstrual pain
☐Period lasts more than 7 days or blood clots are found periodically
☐Large volume of menstrual blood; need to change sanitary pad once every 1 to 2 hours
☐Abdominal pain during intercourse
☐Unable to conceive
☐Never been pregnant
☐Had miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy
☐Family members with the history of endometriosis

You need to be more mindful if you experience three or more symptoms stated above. If needed, consult an obstetrician and gynecologist. Regular checkups are just as important. If an individual is diagnosed with a chocolate cyst, treatment will be customized based on the patient’s age, severity, and her pregnancy plan.

Chinese medicine practitioner, on the other hand, will carry out treatment that relies on Chinese medicine and acupuncture based on the patient’s body constitution.

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