February 28, 2021



氣滯人:?藝術家 (自我要求高)
血瘀人:?去印膏測試員 (暗瘡蚊叮易留印)
痰濕人:??床褥測試員 (懶惰不願動)
濕熱人:??‍♂‍香體噴霧研發員 (體味重)
氣虛人:?口罩模特兒 (易感冒)
血虛人:?美白產品代言人 (面色偏白)
陰虛人:?夜更看更 (夜貓子)
陽虛人:?暖風機銷售員 (嚴重怕冷)

【Relax for a minute ⋯⋯eight body constitutions and the typical associated occupations】

Qi stagnation: ? artist (perfectionist)
Blood stasis: ? acne cream product tester (mosquito bites leave a mark easily on their skin)
Phlegm-dampness: ?? professional bed tester (sluggish and do not wish to move)
Heat-dampness: ??‍♂‍antiperspirant spray tester (strong body odor)
Qi deficiency: ? model for masks (catch a cold easily)
Blood deficiency: ? ambassador for skincare products (pale complexion)
Yin deficiency: ? night guard (night owl)
Yang deficiency: ? heater salesperson (aversion to cold)

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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