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Learn more about pubic hair

Q: My hair is straight but my pubic hair is curly. Why is this so?
A: In general, pubic hair is curly in nature, that way it can wick sweat off the skin more efficiently.

Q: Is it normal for pubic hair to grow in my inner thighs?
A: Female pubic hair normally grows in an inverted pyramid shape around the external genitalia, but it is normal for hair to grow inwards on the inner thighs. On the contrary, males’ hair growth can take place around the belly button, thighs, inner thighs and scrotums.  

Q: Pubic hair does not seem to perform any function. Can I shave it off?
Q: Every part of our body serves a purpose. The skin around the external genitalia is very sensitive, hence pubic hair can protect the skin from friction, prevent bacteria as well as other tiny particles from entering, eliminate sweat, and keep the private part warm. Shaving off the pubic hair is a personal choice, but do note that after shaving, the skin at the private area might become sensitive. To keep the pubic hair neat, you can consider giving it a trim instead.   

Q: It is normal for pubic hair to shed?
A: Just like our hair, pubic hair also has its own cycle. Pubic hair will shed about 10 – 20 strands daily, and will be replaced with new growth once every six months. 

Q: Do we need additional care regime for the pubic hair?
A: Normal cleansing soap or shower gel with water will do. Use natural products and avoid those that contain artificial fragrance and preservatives.

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