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– 避免中午12-2時陽光最猛烈時段
– 「腹為陰、背為陽」曬背能增加陽氣
– 每次20分鐘至半小時為宜
– 適量塗抹防曬霜,每2小時補擦一次為佳,濕水、出汗後宜額外補擦
– 適時補充水分
– 陽光猛烈時宜穿著防UV防曬衣物/淺色衣物
– 長時間曝露在陽光下宜以有放UV太陽傘/帳篷遮擋

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Sunbathe to accumulate the yang energy

Basking in the sun is one of the ways to maintain general wellbeing as it can replenish the yang energy. This is especially beneficial for yang-deficient individuals, who often develop symptoms like pale face, cold limbs, lethargy, spontaneous sweating, edema, frequent urination, loose stools, and indigestion. Individuals with the fear of wind and people who always work in air-conditioned room should also enjoy the sun once in a while as it can promote the circulation of the qi and blood and warm the body.

Those who get heaty easily because of their heat-dampness condition and individuals who are always carrying out activities outdoors should drink 1 litre of rice water or heat-relieving tea made from sugar canes, chine, and coix seed a day. We should also always dispel heat from the body to avoid heat-related symptoms such as folliculitis and sore throat.

– avoid noon time when the sun exposure is intense
– ‘Yin on the tummy, and yang on the back’, hence exposing our back to the sunlight can nourish the yang energy
– sunbathe for 20-30 minutes
– apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Reapply another layer once every 2 hours, especially when we break out in a sweat.
– hydrate our body from time to time
– wear bright-colored clothes or clothes with UV protection on a bright, sunny day
– stay under the umbrella or tent with UV protection when exposed to sun for long hours

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