July 22, 2022

#24節氣 – 大暑】





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Now that we are in the Major Heat solar term, we will be experiencing the highest temperature of the year. Avoid being exposed to the sun for long hours, and protect ourselves against the sun when we are outdoors. Avoid running the air-conditioner at an extremely low temperature, and having the air-conditioner or fan blown directly at our body as we might catch a cold. Do not spend the entire day in an air-conditioned space because we should sweat it out to regulate the temperature of our body.

Constantly being exposed to low temperature can clog the pores, causing the yang energy and dampness to stagnate in the body. This would further lead to problems like edema, fear of cold, and body aches. We can carry out outdoor activities during early morning or evening to induce perspiration. The hot weather would weaken the spleen and stomach, hence causing appetite loss and indigestion. We can consume an appropriate amount of sour foods such as plum, lemon, dark prune, pineapple, passion fruit, and roselle, as these fruits can promote salivation, quench thirst, strengthen the stomach, and clear gastrointestinal stagnation.

Healthy living during Major Heat Solar Term:
“Clear heat and dampness, strengthen the spleen and stomach”

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