April 28, 2020


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Strengthen the spleen to prevent spring warmth symptoms
During spring, the weather is unstable. There is a large temperature difference between day and night, or even when entering indoors and going outdoors. If you forget to add a few more layers for the children, they may become irritable, have symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, and even fever. The theory of Chinese medicine believes that this is a common symptom of “spring warmth”. As winter is the period to store, children have strong yang qi, it is easy to turn into heat-related symptoms in the spring after getting sick. If the child has weak lung and spleen qi, the lack of lung qi can not normally defend against pathogens. Spleen qi deficiency affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and the overall health is weakened and it is easier to become sick.
To improve disease-prone body condition, you should start with adjusting daily habits. Have sufficient sleep, always keep the abdomen and back area warm, eating less cold/raw and hot-natured foods such as tonic ingredients, fried and greasy foods and snacks, chicken, lamb to prevent developing excessive heat in the body. Appropriately drink winter melon tea with corn silk and millet to strengthen the spleen and the body.

Winter melon tea with corn silk and millet
Effects: Clears summer heat and strengthens spleen, relieves heat-related symptoms such as sore throat, yellowish phlegm, skin allergy.
Ingredients: 600g winter melon, 80g fresh corn silk, ⅓ cup of millet or a pack of rice water powder, appropriate amounts of rock sugar
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 1500ml of water in a pot and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 45 minutes. Add appropriate amounts of rock sugar to taste.
Note: For best results, drink 2-3 times a week according to body condition.

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