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不少人知道自己懷孕後,第一樣想到的是甚麼?戒口!坊間、朋友及家中長輩都說孕婦有很多東西不能吃,「不怕一萬,最怕萬一」, 結果弄到吃每一頓飯都膽顫心驚,心理負擔太大!


忌寒涼食物 — 例如蟹、綠豆、涼茶,容易引致腹瀉腸胃不適
忌生冷食物 — 傷脾胃及聚濕,而且未經煮熟食物例如雪糕、沙律、魚生,容易含有細菌或寄生蟲
忌引致宮縮食物 — 薏米、木瓜、蝶豆花
忌活血化瘀食物 — 丹參、赤芍、玫瑰花、山楂、田七、馬齒莧、木耳

Pregnancy Foods to Avoid at a Glance
The first thing most people think of when they find out they’re pregnant is what to stop eating. Elderlies, friends, urban myths all have different versions of what you can and cannot eat. It can be quite stressful worrying about that.

Becoming pregnant is something to be celebrated and also a natural process, so normal diet typically does not pose a lot of issues. Don’t let information from unverified sources worry you. From a Chinese medicine perspective, you should have mild natured vegetables, fruits and meats and try to avoid cold natured, cold and raw food that may lead to uterus contractions.

For those with asthenic body types prone to chills and dizziness, or those who may visit a TCM practitioner occasionally, do not continue medication before consulting with your practitioner.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy:
Avoid cold natured food- crab, mung beans, herbal tea, they may lead to diarrhea or stomach discomfort

Avoid cold and raw food- hurts your spleen and stomach and retain dampness. Uncooked food like ice cream, salad, sashimi may have bacteria or parasites

Avoid foods that cause uterus contraction- coix seed, papaya, and butterfly pea flower
Avoid foods that promote blood circulation and relieve stasis- salvia root, red peony root, rose, Chinese hawthorne, panax notoginseng, purslane, black fungus

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