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Be mindful of ear cleaning services
“Ear cleaning service seems to be quite popular recently, and the process seems enjoyable. I feel like doing it once a month.”

CheckCheckCin: Ear cleaning services seem to be a trend in recent years, where professionals help clean earwax, message the acupoints around the ears, and carry out ear candling. People with excessive earwax will opt for such services to clear the blockage to improve their hearing.

We need to be cautious about the quality of service and the service provider’s credibility, because our ear canals are very sensitive. We need to ensure the professionals would properly sterilize the tools before using, and they use proper equipment to do screening of the ear canal.

Though the process is relaxing, we should not use such services too often, as the ear canal requires a sufficient amount of earwax for protection and moisture. Excessive cleaning might lead to inflammation instead. People with extreme ear rocks might develop inflammation during the cleaning process as well. It is best to consult otolaryngology specialists to identify the proper treatments.

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