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百合 — 性平,有補中益氣、潤肺止咳功效,能紓緩氣虛型咳嗽、氣管敏感、心神恍惚、睡眠不安寧等症狀。注意脾胃虛寒、容易腹瀉者不宜進食。

Relieve dryness with lily bulbs
Dry pathogen is one of the causes of illnesses from chinese medicine perspective, and there are two major characteristics of dry pathogen. Firstly, it harms body fluid and blood. Dry pathogen consumes fluid in the body, causing symptoms such as dry skin, dry mouth and lips, yellowish urine with low volume, dry stool. Secondly, it harms the lungs. Dry pathogen usually enters from the mouth and nose leading to the lungs, causing difficulty breathing, asthma, chest pain, and cough. The symptoms of dry-wind cough due to dry pathogen are dry or sore throat, dry lips and/or nose, little to no phlegm, bloodstained phlegm, stuffed nose.
To alleviate the effects of dryness on the body, it is advisable to eat ingredients that can nourish yin, relieve dryness, promote fluid production and relieve cough, such as lily bulb. Lily bulb can replenish vital energy and qi, moisten the lungs to relieve coughing. It is the underground bulb of the lily. Fresh and dried lily bulbs have similar efficacy. The dried lily is ivory in color and is mostly used for soup or congee. It has a grainy texture. You can find fresh lily bulbs in the market. It is similar in shape to garlic. Take off the bulb to use them. It is suitable for stir-frying and is crispy.

Lily Bulb- mild in nature. Can replenish vital energy and qi, moisten the lungs to relieve coughing. Relieves qi deficiency related coughing and respiratory allergies, absent-mindedness, and poor sleep. Not suitable for those with cough and flu, asthenic cold spleen and stomach, and those prone to diarrhea.

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