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Massage tips to grow taller

Have you heard of epiphyseal plates? Many parents heard that children would not be able to grow taller when the epiphyseal plates close after puberty. Rumors had it that massaging the epiphyseal plates at the foot sole can increase a person’s height. The epiphyseal plates are located at both ends of the bones in the body. Triggered by the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, cartilage in the bones will grow. The growth will stop when the development of the bones matures and when the epiphyseal plates close.

There is no such thing as massaging the epiphyseal plates in Chinese Medicine, but appropriate tuina can promote the circulation of the qi, blood, and meridians, regulate the internal organs, and improve the body’s constitution to help stimulate growth. Since engaging in tuina can also strengthen the parent-child relationship, it will be a good activity before bed.

All our solid and hollow organs have their corresponding zones in the foot sole’s reflexes map. Parents can push, massage, and press these areas through tuina or massage the ‘Yong Quan’ acupoint to strengthen the essence and the marrow. Do note that tuina can help with height increase, but having a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise are more crucial.

Yong Quan Point
Location: the sole of the foot, the dent area when the foot and toes curl
Benefits: replenishes the yin, nourishes the kidney, and strengthens the body
Method: massage with your thumb in a circulation motion for about 20 seconds.

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