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「坐月」實在是一種傳統智慧,意思是婦女在生產後的首100天要好好休息養生,當然在於都市人,能騰出一個月已很難得了,最重要還是促進身體復原。在中醫角度而言,產婦身體多「瘀」多「虛」,原因是生產時動用力氣,加上大量出血,導致元氣大傷,氣血虧損。但如果只是補,體內的惡露瘀血會滯留不清。平素生活忙碌、容易心煩氣躁、晚睡、嗜重口味食物都會令體質偏向熱性。擁有此類體質的媽媽如果產後過分進補— 每天飲用鹿茸、高麗蔘、雞湯、紅棗炒米水等熱性食療,不但會令她心情更煩躁、潮熱盜汗、便秘、生口瘡等。產後哺乳者,更會把其「溫熱」傳給嬰兒,導致嬰兒出現睡不安寧、哭鬧不停、便秘、出汗疹等症狀。如果產後媽媽的體質症狀只是氣血虛弱,就可以適量的調補。坐月時要忌諱的事看似很多,但其實只要注意一點,跟隨生活習慣及現代化生活稍作調整,不要給自己太大壓力就好!

• 如果半夜餵奶時不為意著涼,可以先煮一鍋薑皮、薑片茶,再倒進浴缸裡面泡15-20分鐘浴,或將薑茶倒進一個洗手盤,睡前泡一泡腳
• 早上梳洗的時候可先調暖水,才刷牙洗臉
• 洗頭後要立即將頭髮吹乾,以免著涼
• 養好脾胃。當脾胃正常運化,才可為身體帶來營養,滋養氣血
• 盡量抽時間補眠,養好身體才能有充足母乳
• 保持心情開朗
• 盡量利用新鮮食材調補身體(避免屬性寒涼食材),不應盲目服用進補藥材

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How to have a good confinement month?
Confinement month is a traditional idea that says ladies who just gave birth should have proper rest and recovery in the first 100 days postpartum. For the modern urbanite, finding a month for recovery may sometimes be a challenge, but it is still very important to help your body recuperate properly. From a Chinese medicine perspective, women after birth have taken quite the beating on their bodies due to the amount of energy exerted and the amount of blood loss during birth, and both qi and blood are asthenic. But some people just consume tonic foods, and that could cause the lochia to remain in the body. If the mommy is only displaying asthenic qi and blood symptoms after labor, then she can appropriately condition the body accordingly. It may seem like there are a lot of restrictions during confinement but in reality, they can be small adjustments to daily habits. It is important not to have too much pressure too!
Tips for confinement month:
– If you catch cold nursing in the middle of the night, try cooking a pot of ginger skin and ginger, then soak in it for 15-20 minutes in the tub, or pour ginger tea into a bucket and soak your feet with it before sleep.
– Use warm water to brush your teeth and wash your face in the morning
– Nourish your spleen and stomach. Healthy spleen and stomach helps to bring proper nutrients to the body and to nourish qi and blood.
– Try to sleep as often as possible as your body needs to recover to produce breastmilk
– Stay in a happy state of mind
– Try to use fresh ingredien

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