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不建議飲食: 重口味及煎炸油膩食物如薯片、咖哩、炸物。甜品如朱古力,生冷如雪糕、冰凍果汁。

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Your child waking up at night in fear?
Kids with phlegm heat accumulation in the lungs typically have a bad temper, do not sleep well, and may wake up multiple times at night. They get nose bleeds before fall arrive, and are prone to phlegm during colds or flus. They also have a hard time kicking the phlegm after the flu. When a child has weak lungs and spleen, insufficient qi leads to lack of absorption of fluids and lowers metabolism. The dampness become stagnated in the body and becomes phlegm and dampness. In addition, if the child normally doesn’t have regular diets and lifestyle with heat-related symptoms or is attacked by pathogenic heat, the phlegm and heat becomes phlegm heat accumulation.
Suggested diet: have bland moistening foods such as snow fungus, lily bulbs, fritillaria, and honey
Suggested snacks: fruits and vegetables such as avocado, pears, apples, homemade (less sugar) jellos, seaweed, room temperature yogurt.
Foods to avoid: heavy flavored and fried oily foods such as chips, curry, fried foods. Desserts such as chocolate, ice cream and cold fruit juice

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