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Watch out for toddlers’ temperature
“Many people install a rain cover in front of the stroller. I believe it is a preventive measure against the COVID-19. Should they be doing this during the hot summer season?”

CheckCheckCin: Toddlers normally would have higher body temperatures than that of the adults, as their metabolism rate is higher and they give out heat. However, their tolerance toward heat is also relatively lower, and toddlers might experience heat exhaustion more easily.

Toddlers inside strollers can feel the heat from below as they are closer to the ground. The rain cover, instead of protecting the toddlers, traps hot air within the stroller and cause the little ones to suffer!

When travelling out during summer, do take note of the toddlers to see if the high temperature affects them. If they start breathing heavily and throwing tantrums, experience appetite loss, become inactive, and their skin and cheeks turn red, there is a possibility they are having a heat stroke.

Try to walk under the shade, and make sure there is proper ventilation in the stroller. If need be, install a mini fan to promote airflow within the confined space. Adding a cooling pad in the stroller can also help dissipate heat. Put toddlers in pure cotton clothes as they are sweat absorbent, and prepare an extra towel to wipe the sweat off their face. Remember to hydrate their body by giving them water to drink from time to time, as this can help lower their body temperature.

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