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1. 體質虛寒、手腳冰冷者
2. 脾胃虛寒、容易腹瀉及胃脹人士
3. 孕婦、坐月及月經中的婦女
4. 膽固醇高和有心血管病的人
5. 痛風症患者
6. 體質/皮膚過敏者
7. 感冒患者
Tips for eating hairy crabs
Hairy Crab has been available since mid-October, and crab lovers have waited a full year to taste it again! Most people think hairy crabs are bad as it is cool in nature and the crab roe is high in fat and cholesterol. A stimulating food can cause old symptoms to re-appear and worsen existing conditions. Those prone to allergies may flare up. Hairy crab, in reality, has its benefits, it can clear heat, dispel blood stasis, open up meridian. You just have to pay attention to your body type before consumption.
First tip: have it with a light meal
Hairy crab is cool in nature and it is not suitable to have too much, so you should limit to 1-2 crabs each time. A lot of restaurants are promoting all-crab meal, and aside from the actual steamed crab, the meal includes crab dumplings, and crab noodles. Having so much crab may lead to abdominal discomfort. When you are having crab, we suggest combining with dishes that strengthen the spleen and stomach such as white rice and vegetables. You should also avoid having sushi, salad, ice cream etc on the same day.
Second tip: Best coupled with yellow wine, basil and ginger
Some say pairing hairy crab with yellow wine can dispel cold and warm the stomach, and have the crab with vinegar and ginger. It is also good to have ginger tea with basil and brown sugar. Vinegar and basil can detoxify toxins from crab, and alleviate diarrhea associated with crab eating.
Ginger tea with basil and brown sugar
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Boil basil and ginger with 800ml of water for 30 minutes. Add in brown sugar.
Third tip: 7 types of people who cannot have crab
1. Asthenic cold body type, with cold limb
2. Asthenic cold spleen and stomach, prone to diarrhea and abdominal bloating
3. Pregnant ladies, those in confinement month, and during menstruation.
4. Those with high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease
5. Those suffering from gout
6. Those prone to skin allergies and with body type prone to allergies
7. Those with cold/flu

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