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山竹 — 性寒,具清熱瀉火、生津止渴、化痰止咳的功效,適合陰虛火旺、口乾口苦、小便黃赤、大便乾燥者食用。惟注意脾胃虛寒、女士月經期間或寒性痛經者不宜進食。

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Mangosteen can clear and reduce heat

It is once again the harvesting season of mangosteen, which carries the title “Queen of the Fruit”. Removing the fruit’s shells will reveal its white flesh that has a delectable sweet taste. From the Chinese medicine perspective, mangosteen is cold in nature, and able to clear bodily heat and quench one’s thirst, making it a good fruit for summer.

Due to the fact that mangosteen is cold in nature, individuals with cold body conditions such as yang deficiency, an asthenic spleen and stomach and prone to diarrhea, should limit their consumption of the fruit. Women experiencing menstruation should also avoid eating mangosteen.

Have you ever noticed that the segments in a mangosteen often varies? When purchasing mangosteen, do flip the fruit over to check its bottom, you should be able to notice the ridges, which usually ranges from four to seven. The number of ridges at the bottom is an indicator of the number of segments in fruit, and this can be a criterion for buyers to consider.

As for those who wonder if mangosteen should be eaten together with durian, we need to understand that mangosteen is cold in nature whereas durian is hot in nature. Hence, it is said that the king and queen of fruits can be eaten together, since mangosteen is believed to be able to offset the heat in the body after consuming durian. Nonetheless, they should not be consumed excessively.

Mangosteen – cold in nature, can clear heat, help with the secretion of saliva and quench thirst, relieve cough and eliminate phlegm; suitable for individuals with Yin deficiency with excessive body heat, dry mouth with a bitter taste, yellowish urine and dry stools. It is not suitable for individuals with asthenic cold in the spleen and stomach, as well as women during menstruation or experiencing cold-related menstrual pain.

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