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材料: 杜仲10克、夏枯草10克、菊花3克
做法: 將材料洗淨。以沸水沖洗藥材再加入沸水泡10-15分鐘即可。此茶能反覆沖泡至味淡,一星期飲用三天為一次療程。

An invisible tight ring on your head

A lot of people suffer from headaches to the point they effect daily lives and those people can’t go on without a painkiller. Chinese medicine classifies headaches into external and internal and today we will discuss the internal type- hyperactivity in the liver yang. The usual symptoms are distending pain on one or both sides of the head, dizziness, paroxysmal attacks. Typical accompanying symptoms include irritability, bitterness in taste, dry and red eyes, and poor sleep quality. Mental stress can cause stagnation in liver qi which becomes fire leading to hyperactive of yang qi. The treatment for this would be to calm the liver and suppress yang. People with this type of headache should find ways to relieve stress! Try to avoid being overly excited, troubled or angry.

Tea remedy to relieve headache:
Ingredients: 10g eucommia bark, 10g prunella vulgaris, 3g chrysanthemum
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Use hot water to rinse herbs then add hot water to steep ingredients to 10-15 minutes. This tea can be rebrewed until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink 3 times per week as a treatment course.
Effects: Replenish and clear liver to dispel heat. Relieves chronically reoccurring headaches, dry eyes, and bitterness in taste.
Note: not suitable for those recovering from a cold or flu.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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