July 22, 2017




Is the pressure shaving off hair from newborn parents?
The saying ‘ghost shave head’ refers to Alopecia areata where the victim experiences sudden patches of hair loss, and these patches are usually multiple circular ones. The common cause is excessive fatigue or high stress that affects the overall mood. New parents suddenly lose a lot of sleep to take care of their new born, and it’s a new challenge that can easily lead to arguments between the parents too. The liver channel connects your ocular connectors through your forehead and connects with the governor meridian at the top of your head. When you have increased liver fire, it follows the channel to your scalp and can lead to sudden substantial hair loss. In addition, lack of sleep also leads to liver and kidney deficiencies, and blood cannot properly circulate to the head to nourish and condition hair to worsen the hair loss situation. Aside from seeking medical advice, it is important to manage your emotions and find proper ways to relieve stress.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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