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白菊 — 清肝明目,適合經常熬夜晚睡人士飲用。
黃菊 — 疏散風熱,紓緩目赤及多眼垢等症狀。
野菊花 — 清熱解毒,紓緩皮膚敏感、泛紅、發熱及痕癢等問題。
洋甘菊 — 安神、袪風解表,對於因風熱而起的感冒及風濕疼痛也有舒緩的功效。

– 沖泡前先用熱開水清洗一下,再注入熱水泡10分鐘即可
– 一杯水加入約5-6朵菊花已足夠,太多味道會苦澀
– 想添加甜味,宜加入適量蜂蜜或冰糖
– 菊花茶屬性偏寒涼,不宜每天飲用

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Healthy way to have chrysanthemum tea

The Double Yang Festival (the ‘Chong Yang’ festival) is also called the festival of chrysanthemum. This is because during Chong Yang, people in ancient times would avoid travelling to high-altitude places to prevent mishaps. At the same time, the festival occurs during autumn, when the chrysanthemum flowers are blooming. Hence, this has encouraged people to learn to appreciate chrysanthemum during the season.

These days, we are more familiar with chrysanthemum tea. Since it is readily available and has different varieties, many people would think it is suitable for all. From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, chrysanthemum tea can clear heat, and it is cool in nature, suitable for individuals with a heat related body condition, which carries symptoms like dry eyes, sore throat, mouth ulcer and acne.

If individuals with the cold body condition consume it, they might suffer a double blow from the coldness. Chrysanthemum tea is also not suitable for those with a weak spleen and stomach, as it would burden the organs, and can easily cause diarrhea.

Chrysanthemum – cool in nature, can clear heat; different varieties of chrysanthemum vary in effects, so choose the most suitable variety according to the body condition:

White chrysanthemum- clears the liver and improves vision. Suitable for those who have frequent late nights.
Yellow chrysanthemum- dispels wind and heat. Suitable for those with red eyes and eye discharge. 

Wild chrysanthemum- clears heat and detoxifies, can relieve skin issues such as allergies, redness, hot and itchy.
Chamomile- cold in nature, mainly used to calm the mind. It can also dispel wind and relieve pain and flu symptoms due to hot wind.

Areas to take note of when making chrysanthemum tea:
– Rinse the flowers in warm water first, then boil it with hot water for 10 minutes
– Add 5 – 6 flowers to make a cup of drink; too many flowers will cause the drink to taste bitter
– Add an appropriate amount of honey or rock sugar to sweeten the drink, if necessary
– Chrysanthemum tea is cool in nature, not suitable for daily consumption

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