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Draw a cross ‘X’ on a mosquito bite to relieve the itch?

“I have heard that drawing an X on a mosquito bite using our fingernail can relieve the itch, is that true?”

CheckCheckCin: We feel itchy after a mosquito because the mosquito has fed on our blood and spat out saliva on our skin. The saliva will trigger our immune system and cause an allergic reaction, causing the skin to swell and itch.

Pressing our fingernail on to draw a cross on the mosquito bite will not relieve the itch. If our fingers or fingernails are not clean, it might even further cause the area to be more sensitive.

You may use soap water to clean the mosquito bite, and use water boiled with Japanese honeysuckle to wash the area, because Japanese honeysuckle can dissipate heat and has anti-inflammatory properties. Please take note that patients with Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PDD) should not opt for this method.

At the same time, avoid eating stimulating food such as prawn, crab, eel, shellfish, goose meat, eggplant, bamboo shoot and mushrooms, as they can easily stimulate wind pathogen to cause itch, and aggravate the skin condition. If you seem to attract mosquitoes, do check and see if your body has a damp-heat or Yin-deficient condition. Mosquitoes are drawn to human bodies that are slightly higher in temperature, with strong odor, sweat a lot and with odor, hence improving these conditions can help repel mosquitoes.

External rinse for mosquito repellent
Ingredients: 10g Honeysuckle, 1L water
Preparation: Cook all ingredients for 30 minute and use a thin towel or cotton pad to soak up medicine and gently pat on affected area after cool down.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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