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淮山 — 性平,具有健脾養胃、補肺生津功效,感冒未清者及便秘人士不宜多吃。

雪耳 — 性平,具滋陰潤肺、益氣養胃、強心補腦功效,適合肺熱津傷或肺氣虛弱、燥咳無痰、痰中帶血、氣喘氣短、咽喉乾燥、聲音嘶啞、病後體虛人士食用。

百合 — 性平,能補中益氣,潤肺止咳,能紓緩氣虛型咳嗽、氣管敏感等、精神衰弱、心神恍惚、睡眠不安寧等症狀。注意感冒咳嗽、脾胃虛寒容易腹瀉者不宜進食。

白扁豆 — 性平,具健脾益氣、消暑化濕功效,因脾虛有濕而食少腹瀉人士尤其適合,亦適合氣虛及痰濕體質人士服用。惟注意容易便秘人士不宜多服。

White ingredients to nourish lungs and skin
According to the ancient Chinese Medicine principles, the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water can correspond to the five internal organs of the body: liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney. Green, red, yellow, white, and black are the five corresponding colours. If you eat more ingredients of related colors, you can nourish the five internal organs to achieve health effects.
White corresponds to the lungs. Eating more white ingredients such as Chinese yam, snow fungus, lily bulb and hyacinth bean can nourish and replenish lungs. The effect is particularly obvious during autumn and winter. Since the lungs affect the skin and hair, the condition of skin is related to the lungs. Therefore, white ingredients also have the effect of nourishing and whitening the skin. You may find common whitening ingredients are white in color such as pearl, coix seed, almond, poria, milk.

Chinese yam- mild in nature, can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach, replenish lungs and promote fluid production. Not suitable for those recovering from cold or flu and those with constipation should eat less.

Snow fungus- mild in nature, can nourish yin and moisten the lungs, nourish qi and stomach, strengthen the heart and mind. It is suitable for those with hot lungs or asthenic lung qi, dry cough without phlegm, phlegm with blood stain, shortness of breath, dry and sore throat, coarse voice, and weakness post illness.

Lily Bulbs- mild in nature, can replenish vital energy and qi, moisture the lungs to relieve coughing. Relieves qi deficiency related coughing and respiratory allergies, mental weakness, absent-mindedness, and poor sleep. Not suitable for those with cough and flu, asthenic cold spleen and stomach, and those prone to diarrhea.

Hyacinth bean- mild in nature, can strengthen the spleen and replenish qi, clear summer heat and dispel dampness. Suitable for those with diarrhea after eating a little due to asthenic weak spleen with dampness. It is also suitable for those with qi deficiency and phlegm and dampness body type. Note it is not suitable for those prone to constipation.

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