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氣滯 — 唉聲嘆氣、多愁善感

血瘀 — 膚色晦暗、班點顯露

痰濕 — 體型圓潤、浮腫易累

濕熱 — 面泛油光、體味濃烈
宜:冬瓜、西瓜、霸王花、綠豆、荷葉、生薏米、粉葛、土茯苓、海帶 等

Dietary dos and don’ts for those with excessive body types
Chinese medicine theory categorizes human body types into 8 different kinds. There are 4 asthenia types we previously discussed: qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency and yang deficiency, the remaining 4 excessive body constitutions are qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm and dampness, and damp heat. You should not jump on the bandwagon to overly nourish your body. It is not suitable for everyone to eat super food. For example, those with phlegm and dampness body constitution may become sleeping when consuming too much nourishing and tonic food. Those with damp heat who eat turmeric every day may get a sore throat! The most important thing is to find balance by eating proper ingredients that match your body constitution.

Qi deficiency- frequent sighing, often sad
Common symptoms: Frequent sighing, irritable, chest tightness, stomach bloating, sudden onset dry cough, extra snoring, fart or difficulty passing stool
Pointer of conditioning: nourish qi and relieve indigestion
Suitable: white radish, Chinese onion, yuzu, chayote, bergamot flower, dried unripe orange peel, rose, etc.
Avoid: ingredients that are difficult to digest such as beans, lotus seeds, fox nuts, etc.

Blood stasis- dark complexion, obvious spots and freckles
Common symptoms: dark circles, freckles, purplish lips, purplish blood vessels under the tongue, prone to pimple marks, prone to bruising or prone to body aches
Pointer of conditioning: activate blood and relieve stasis
Suitable: Chinese hawthorn, white-back fungus, panax notoginseng, lotus root, black fungus, sweet osmanthus, jasmine, motherwort, etc.
Avoid: raw/cold things such as ice cream, salad, sashimi or cold drink, etc.

Phlegm and dampness- round body shape, bloating and fatigue
Common symptoms: loose muscles, poor appetite, edema, fatigue, loose stools
Pointer of conditioning: nourish qi and clear phlegm
Suitable: dried citrus peel, cooked coix seeds, poria, rice beans, hairy gourd, hyacinth bean coat, etc.
Avoid: raw/cold things such as ice cream, salad, sashimi or cold drink, etc. Nourishing ingredients such as milk tea or cheese. Ingredients that can replenish yin such as fish maw and snow fungus, etc.

Damp heat- oily face, body odor
Common symptoms: aversion to heat, dry mouth, bad breath, feet odor, extra facial oil, low volume and yellow urination, usually smelly stool
Pointer of conditioning: clear heat and dispel dampness
Suitable: winter melon, watermelon, night-blooming cereus, mung bean, lotus leaf, coix seeds, arrowroot, smilax or seaweed, etc.
Avoid: nourishing ingredients such as milk tea or cheese. Ingredients that can replenish yin such as fish maw, snow fungus, glehnia root and radix ophiopogonis, etc. Replenishing ingredients such as glutinous rice, durian, sheep, beef, chicken essence, Chinese red dates water or ginger tea, etc.

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