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Frequent dinner engagements leading to lack of family time?
Ways to dissipate heat and dampness to improve temper

“Sigh, my husband has more dinner engagements after changing his job and is becoming more short-tempered. We used to be very close, but I feel we’ve drifted apart. Just thinking of this would sometimes make me cry.”

CheckCheckCin: Lifestyle and dietary habits can affect our mood. Since you know his sudden change is caused by an external factor, then try solving the problem together! He might have consumed a lot of alcohol during dinner engagements. All sorts of alcoholic beverages can cause damp heat to accumulate in the body, phlegm production, heat accumulation, hence affecting the functions of the liver and spleen. Eating oily and greasy food can further cause the body to experience damp heat, and this is how a person develops a bad temper.

In order to tackle this problem, consume soup that can dissipate the heat and dispel body dampness regularly. Use ingredients such as winter melon, raw coix seed, mung bean, smilax, and arrowroot to make the soup. You can also make your husband a cup of Pueraria lobata chrysanthemum tea to dissipate heat and relieve his hangover. When his body constitution improves, his mood will also naturally become better.

Pueraria lobata chrysanthemum tea
Effects: Clears heat and alleviates hangover. Relieves redness in eyes, thirst and headache after drinking, and clear liver heat caused by sleeping late.
Ingredients: Small amounts of Pueraria lobata, chrysanthemum
Preparation: Place all ingredients into thermos and rinse with hot water once. Add in hot water and steep for 5-8 minutes. This tea can be re-browed until flavour weakens.
Note: Since the tea is cold in nature, not suitable for those without heat-related symptoms.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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