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5 hair damaging habits
It is really not easy to have silky smooth and beautiful hair and to always have the most ideal hair style. Aside from effects of weather and hair products, we may all unconsciously have damaging habits that hurt our hair. How many of these 5 hair damaging habits do you have?

Wrong way to use conditioner
Most people wash hair with shampoo first, then apply hair conditioner on the head. However, conditioner should not be in contact with the scalp, otherwise it will easily clog pores and cause folliculitis or hair loss.
The correct way: gently apply conditioner onto the hair instead of the scalp, let the hair absorb nutrients and then wash it with water.

Using too much force to towel dry
After shampooing, you need to dry your hair with a towel. The wet hair is in a fragile state. Pulling hair too hard can cause breakage, and the rubbing process will reduce the gloss of the hair.
The correct way: use a dry towel to remove water from the wet hair by pressing.

Sleep with wet hair
When the hair is wet, the hair scales open. If you go to sleep directly, hair rubbing against the bed will easily cause problems such as frizziness, breakage, and split ends, and may cause headaches.
The correct way: dry hair with a hairdryer immediately after washing.

The temperature of hair dryer is too high
To dry your hair as soon as possible, you may adjust it to the highest temperature, and dry your hair at a close distance in just three or fewer minutes. However, if the temperature of the hair dryer is too high, it will damage the hair scales and even damage your hair.
The correct way: dry your hair at a warm temperature, keep hair dryer at least 15cm away.

Dying your hair too regularly
For the ideal hair color and style, you may always perm or dye your hair, or even bleach your hair then dye it. You have the ideal hair style, but your hair is lacking in shine, have split ends and tangle easily.
The correct way: avoid perming and dying hair at the same time, keeping the appointments at least one week apart. Allow hair to have enough time to rest. If you want to dye hair again, it should be at least one month later.

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