December 8, 2017


Don’t worry about infant eczema
奶癬是嬰幼兒常見的皮膚病之一,中醫認為奶癬多因濕、熱於體內搏 結,發於肌膚而成。痕癢不但會令孩子忍不住搔痕,更會令情緒不定,哭鬧不安,令進食及睡眠也大受影響,一看到寶寶不願吃新手爸媽當然緊張萬分!日常生活中要讓孩子遠離致敏原,家居衛生尤其要注意,而有些孩子也許會對牛奶過敏,就要以羊奶或低敏配方奶代替,哺乳媽媽要戒吃辛辣煎炸油膩食物,因為食物營養及屬性直接影響母乳。平常亦要避免使用蘊含人工香料和化學成分的洗衣液、沐浴乳或補濕霜,以減少對皮膚的刺激。另外,可以連翹10克、蒲公英6克、甘草6克以800毫升水煮十五分鐘,放涼後以棉花紗布輕印嬰兒肌膚,千萬不要敷在患處,有助緩解痕癢。

1. 哺乳媽媽避免進食有可能引起小兒過敏的發物
2. 哺乳媽媽要戒吃辛辣煎炸油膩食物
3. 不宜以熱水或肥皂擦洗患處
4. 嬰兒睡眠時以紗布蓋住雙手以防搔抓患處
5. 使用低敏或嬰兒專用洗衣液

Don’t worry about infant eczema
Eczema is a common infant issue and Chinese medicine believes its caused by dampness and heat in the body releasing to the skin. The itchiness can cause children to scratch and become irritable. Eating and sleeping can be hugely affected making parents very nervous. Kids should avoid allergens and pay attention to routine hygiene. Some children may be allergic to cow’s milk so you can replace that with goat’s milk or low allergy formulas. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid spicy and fried foods as food intake can directly affect breast milk. Also try to avoid lotions, soaps and detergents with chemicals and additives to reduce the chance of irritating your skin. You can also try to cook 10g of forsythia, 6g of dandelion, and 6g of licorice root with 800ml of water for 15 minutes. After cooling, dip with cotton gauze and gently dab on baby’s skin to relieve itch.
1. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid eating anything containing allergens
2. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid spicy and fried foods
3. Don’t use hot water or soap to wash affected area
4. Wrap infant hands at bed time to prevent scratching of affected area
5. Use detergent made for infants or sensitive skin

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