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1. 舌頭舔著上顎,雪條棒放在牙齒中間,記得牙齒要對正。
2. 輕輕咬著雪條棒並用力微笑,維持20秒。


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Keeping your nice apple cheeks

Apple cheeks are fats that form above the cheekbones, and would look plump when we smile. As we age, our muscles may sag; and the same happens to our cheeks. Some people would inject fillers to keep the ‘plumpness’ of the apple cheeks, as it helps to maintain a youthful look.

For those who do not wish to undergo medical procedures, try facial exercise to keep the apple cheeks in place. Doing this 3 times a day can tighten the muscles around your cheeks and maintaining its elasticity.

The apple cheeks exercise:
Tool: 1 ice cream stick 
1. Lick the upper palette with the tongue and place the ice cream stick between the teeth. Remember to align the stick with your teeth.
2. Gently bite the stick and smile as hard as possible for 20 seconds.

When you are applying skincare products on your face, do massage the acupoints around the apple cheeks as well, such as Yin Xiang, Ju Liao, Quan Liao and Xia Guan Xue. Use your fingertips to massage the acupoints for 5 seconds then release. Repeat it 3 – 5 times a day, to give your face a better contour.

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