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1. 桑寄生洗淨,黑豆於白鑊中炒香備用。
2. 鍋中加入約800毫升水,加入桑寄生與黑豆,以武火煮滾後,轉文火煮30分鐘,可加適量片糖調味。連渣倒進保溫瓶,此茶能反覆沖泡至味淡。

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Winter is the time to take good care of the kidneys, which we have overworked throughout the year. Since it is the last season of the year, we should give them a break.

Staying up late and regular consumption of raw and cold food could damage the kidneys, and it would be late for us to revitalize the deteriorating organs. So let’s start making some minor adjustments to our lifestyle and dietary habits today!

Healthy living during Major Cold Solar Term:
“Warm the body and dispel cold. Replenish kidneys and spleens.”

Black soya bean: replenishes kidney, strengthen spleen, promotes diuresis and lower qi.
Chinese taxillus herb: replenishes the kidneys and liver, strengthen the bones and joints, and eliminate dampness from the body.

Chinese taxillus herb and black soya bean tea
Effects: Nourishes the spleens and kidneys. Strengthens the bones and joints.
Ingredients: 10g Chinese taxillus herb, 30g black soya bean, cane sugar to taste
1. Rinse Chinese taxillus herb thoroughly. Fry black soya beans in wok without oil until fragrant develops.
2. Boil about 800ml water then add in Chinese taxillus herb and black soya bean. Turn to medium heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add cane sugar to taste until they melt. The tea can be poured into thermos and re-browed until flavour weakens.
Note: Those who are easy to feel bloated or prone to diarrhea should take with caution.

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