August 11, 2017




Frequent urination after giving birth
Some moms have noted that they urinate frequently after giving birth, sometimes up to 10 times per day which can be quite concerning. They also worry about vaginal muscles loosening. The common cause is that those moms have weak asthenic bodies and insufficient lung qi, so during child birth both qi and blood are overly exhausted. When qi lung is overly used during labor, it causes a condition where the upper asthenia disrupts the lower body functions, and your bladder loses its ability to regulate urination. When there is additional fatigue, the urination issue will worsen and some people may even experience incontinence. These types of people usually have pale complexion, weakness in the limbs, and it is important to replenish qi appropriately based on body constitution. Since this is a postpartum period or even during the confinement month, it is best to seek consultation from a registered practitioner.
Tea remedy for those with qi deficiency:
Ingredients: 6g astragalus root, 10g codonopsis root, 6g bighead atractylodes rhizome
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine ingredients with 600ml of water and cook for 30 minutes.

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