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生菜 — 性涼,有清熱生津、利尿通乳、消水腫的功效,適合小便不暢及水腫者食用,產後母乳不足或乳腺不通皆可適量食用。由於性涼,脾胃虛寒及尿頻者不宜多吃。

Lettuce can clear heat and reduce water retention
In Cantonese, “easier than eating lettuce” is a phrase used to describe something that can be done easily. So how easy is it to eat lettuce? Lettuce can be eaten raw or cooked, has high water content and low in fiber, does not require long hours of cooking. It is also easy to chew, making it suitable for individuals with body condition of all sorts.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, lettuce is cool in nature, bittersweet in taste, able to clear heat, promote saliva secretion, diuresis and lactation, as well as reduce water retention. Its bitterness also makes it suitable for summer consumption, as the taste is effective in clearing body heat.

Other than the commonly known iceberg lettuce, there are many different varieties within its genus. Lettuce is from the Asteraceae family and the Lactuca genus, and the leafy lactuca (lettuce) is further divided into spherical, semi-spherical and non-spherical types. Iceberg lettuce is one of the spherical types; butter lettuce and Italian lettuce, commonly used in salad, are semi-spherical; whereas examples of non-spherical types are Chinese lettuce and Romaine lettuce. Meanwhile, the augustana variety is thick on its stem, but still belongs to the genus of lettuce.

Lettuce – cool in nature; can clear heat, promote saliva secretion, diuresis and lactation, as well as reduce water retention, suitable for individuals with urination and water retention problems. Mothers who are unable to produce sufficient breast milk after delivery should eat lettuce in an appropriate amount. Since it is cool in nature, individuals who are diuretic and experience asthenic cold in the spleen and stomach should not consume excessively.

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