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佛手 — 又名佛手柑,性溫味辛苦酸,外形如佛手姿態而得名。果實成熟前是綠色表皮,成熟後轉變成金黄色。製成乾品則是常用中藥,能疏肝理氣,養胃止痛 。適合因為壓力而引起的胃脹不適症狀。佛手亦是精油熱門之選,清新的橘子香可放鬆身心,紓緩勞累、思慮過多的症狀。由於屬性偏溫,陰虛內熱、沒有氣滯及體質虛弱者,不宜進食以免耗氣。

佛手瓜 — 性平味甘,呈梨形,瓜上明顯有五條縱溝,所以又名合掌瓜。具健脾開胃、清肺化痰之功效,適合脾胃欠佳、胃口不佳者食用。佛手瓜涼拌、炒菜都可以,而廣東人最常見用來煲湯,味道清甜,亦適合高血壓、糖尿病、肥胖症、脂肪肝者食用。

Two treasures to relieve abdominal discomfort

Some ingredients have similar names in Chinese but are totally different. Like Buddha’s hand citron and chayote, Buddha’s hand citron is plant of rutaceae and citrus, and looks like a hand with fingers, the dried version is used as Chinese medicine. Chayote is the plant of curcubitaceae and sechium, and looks like folded palms. They both can relieve abdominal discomfort symptoms. If you are under stress and have indigestion, chest pain or stomach bloating, you can appropriately consume both of them to nourish your body.

Buddha’s hand citron- also know as bergamot, warm in nature, tastes bitter and sour. It is named due to it looking like the Buddha hands. The fruit has green skin before maturing, it turns to golden colour after it ripens. The dried one is used as Chinese medicine. It can relieve depression and nourish qi, as well as nourish stomach and relieve pain. It is suitable for abdominal discomfort symptoms caused by stress. Buddha’s hand citron is also a hot choice for essential oil. The fresh citron smell can calm the mind and body. It can relieve symptoms like fatigue and excessive thinking. As it is warm in nature, those with yin deficiency and heat, asthenic body type should not have it to avoid consuming qi.

Chayote- mild in nature and sweet with a pear shape. You can visibly see 5 grooves on the outside. It can strengthen the spleen and stimulate appetite, clear lungs to relieve phlegm. Suitable for those with weakened spleen and stomach and poor appetite. There are many ways to cook it- served as cold side dish or stir fried. Cantonese use it in soup as it is sweet and suitable for those with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver.

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