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氣血不足 — 適量進食補氣健脾養血食物,例如人參、紅棗、小米、薯仔、紅豆、靈芝等,做適量輕量運動如慢跑。
腎精不足 — 適量補充水份,避免熬夜及縱慾過度,多進食黑色養腎食物如黑木耳、黑豆、黑芝麻等。
痰濁中阻 — 戒吃生冷肥膩甜食,不宜進補,多進食健脾胃食物如淮山、薏米、白扁豆等。
肝陽上亢 — 調整心情,避免動怒,適度減壓,多喝有疏肝解鬱功效的花茶。


Causes of dizziness
Many people have experienced dizziness, blurred vision, clogged ear, tinnitus, nausea, sweating, vomiting and other symptoms. When you close your eyes, your condition may improve. Western medicine regards this as Meniere’s disease. It is simply “blurred vision and dizziness” in Chinese medicine. It can cause motion sickness, and feeling as though everything around you is spinning which makes it hard to stand still in serious cases.
There are many causes to dizziness. The most common causes are lack of blood and qi, insufficient kidney essence, internal resistance of phlegm and dampness and hyperactivity of the liver yang. Women’s qi and blood are weaker in nature. The menstrual cycle, or pregnancy or surgery may lead to qi and blood deficiency. It will reduce the qi and blood and the brain do not have enough nutrient supply which leads to dizziness. Innate deficiencies, age and weak body, excessive thinking, too much sexual activity, staying up late, will lead to insufficient kidney essence. The kidney is closely related to bone and marrow. When there is a lack of nutrients in the brain, you may be prone to dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms. In addition, too much phlegm and dampness in the body will obstruct the meridians, causing poor qi and blood circulation which can also lead to dizziness. Anger hurts the liver, irritability will also lead to hyperactivity in the liver yang and dizziness symptoms.
If you want to relieve Dizziness, you must understand your body condition. Pay attention to the following causes of dizziness and tips. You can drink Poria tea with gastrodia to relieve those symptoms.

Insufficient qi and blood- appropriately consume ingredients that can replenish qi, strengthen spleen and nourish blood, such as ginseng, Chinese red dates, millet, potato, red bean and lucid Ganoderma. Moderately do low-intensity exercise such as slow jog.

Insufficient kidney essence- drink appropriate amount of water, avoid staying up late and having too much sex. Eat more black coloured ingredients that can nourish kidney such as black snow fungus, black bean and black sesame.

Excessive phlegm- avoid cold/raw, fatty, sweet and tonic food. Eat more ingredients that can strengthen spleen and stomach such as Chinese yam, coix seed and hyacinth bean.

Hyperactivity of the liver yang- adjust your mood, avoid being angry and appropriately relax your mind. Drink more floral tea that can relieve depression.

Poria tea with gastrodia
Effects: strengthens spleen and stomach, relieves symptoms such as dizziness, headache tension and burping.
Ingredients: 9g gastrodia, 15g poria, 1 dried citrus peel 
Method: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 1000ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 1 hour. 

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