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✔ 最佳跑步時間為早上5﹣7時
✔ 慢跑比快跑更適宜
✔ 每次20﹣30分鐘最適合
✔ 穿透氣的運動衣跑步才可讓汗水好好揮發
✔ 跑前半小時吃一點澱粉質或含糖分食物
✔ 跑步完畢宜先含一口水潤喉再慢慢飲

Wake your body up with a slow jog!
People can become quite busy and sleep in on weekends. But upon waking up, they may still feel really tired. Try waking up early on a Saturday to go running! A lot of people choose to run at night, but from Chinese medicine perspective, running in the morning between 5 and 7am is healthier. It can help increase yang qi. It is also better to slow jog than to sprint. Run for 20-30 minutes each time, sweat out all the dampness in your body. Wake up every Saturday morning for a 20 minute jog to wake up your tired body!
Running tips:
✔ the best time to run is in the morning between 5 and 7am
✔ Jogging is better than sprinting
✔ Run for 20-30 minutes each time
✔ Wear breathable material to let sweat flow
✔ Have some carbohydrate or something sweet half an hour before running
✔ After the run, keep a sip of water in your mouth to wet your throat, then drink slowly

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