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How to battle acne
Pimples are acnes that teenagers would develop. This is because the hormonal changes during puberty would trigger an increase in the secretion of sebum, which in turn clogs the pores, causing acnes to form.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, acne develops mainly because of the heat in blood or damp heat. During puberty, there is vigor in teenagers’ qi and blood, and this would lead to the accumulation of the heat in qi and blood. Acne tend to break out more easily when teenagers are stressed with their studies, unable to soothe their emotions, and consume deep fried and greasy food.

To overcome this problem, make sure we cleanse our face daily and regulate our body from within. Avoid squeezing the zits as it might leave scars behind. Change our pillowcase regularly to prevent germs and bacteria from growing. Besides drinking Dawn Rice Water, we can also consume ingredients that can clear heat and dispel dampness such as winter gourd, mung bean, rice bean, old cucumber, and corn silk.

Avoid eating desserts and greasy, hot-natured, and spicy food and avoid staying up late. Exercise to relieve stress as it can help clear sebum and dirt off the skin. If breakouts persist, do consult licensed and registered Chinese physicians to come up with the most appropriate treatment for you.

Acne healing tea
Effects: Clears heat and cools blood, clears lungs to relieve phlegm. Suitable for reoccurring, red, swollen and painful pimples.
Ingredients: 6g Loquat Leaves, 3g Wild Chrysanthemum, 9g Red Peony Root, 9g White Mulberry Root
Preparation: Place all ingredients into thermos and add in hot water and steep for 5-10 minutes until aroma develops. This tea can be rebrewed until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days.
Note: Not suitable for pregnant women or those who are menstruating.

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