March 9, 2021

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Help your girlfriend take photos that will win ‘likes’
Photography tips every boyfriend should learn

“Sigh, my girlfriend wants to be a KOL. She always asks me to take photos of her, but then she also criticizes my photography skills. Now I feel stress every time she wants me to take the photos.”

CheckCheckCin: Based on unofficial statistics, nine out of ten women are unhappy with the fact that their boyfriends or husbands do not know how to take proper photos of them. To be honest, it takes two to quarrel. First, women should not treat men as professional photographers. If they have tried their best, then give credit where credit is due. On the other hand, men should also better understand women’s needs and not brush them off as if they are not important. It will be fun for couples to study photography techniques together!

Based on the feedback from some women, here are some problems they found in the photos taken by their boyfriends:

.Bad angle
The girlfriend might have demonstrated how to shoot, but the boyfriend still fails to produce the effect she wants! Don’t forget about the difference in height! What you see from your height might be very different from that of his. Try taking a photo first and make adjustments accordingly.

.Top-down or bottom-up angle?
Women are good at capturing the V-shaped face in their selfies, but their boyfriends will always accentuate their rounded features instead! Remember to take a half-body shot or close-up profile from a high angle to create that V-shaped face. When taking a full-body shot, remember to shoot from a low angle so the person can look taller and more slender.

.Random objects and people
Perhaps your boyfriend’s world revolves around you, and he does not see anything else. Since you are the center of his attention, he might have unconsciously included people walking past and random objects in the photo as well. It would be nice for the girlfriends to remind the boyfriends to take note of the mess in the background!

.Blur and out of focus
A clear image is the most fundamental principle in photography. It is hard to blame the girlfriends for throwing a tantrum if they cannot see their faces clearly in the photos. In order to avoid taking photos that are blurry and out of focus, try taking photos in places with proper lighting. If you tend to shiver, try resting your hands on a wall or a pillar to stabilize your body.

.Round face and selfie
Everyone knows the closer we are to the camera when taking a selfie, the rounder our face will be in the photo. So guys, remember to position yourself in front of the camera and make the ladies stand behind you. They will appreciate you for the ‘sacrifice’ you made!

Equip yourself with basic photography knowledge so your girlfriends will feel like they are the happiest women in the world. Of course, you will need practice to sharpen your skills. Good luck! If you feel stressed about this, drink a cup of dragon fruit rose tea to soothe the liver and relieve your anxiety!

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