February 20, 2021




– 餐廳只剩下吧枱位
– 情人節快到情侶煩著買禮物
– 隔離屋傳來情侶吵鬧聲
– 電梯裡頑皮小孩跳來跳去父母好尷尬
– 朋友接電話要向伴侶報告行蹤
– 好友訴苦另一半鼻鼾令她失眠
– 同事煩惱過節該回娘家還是奶奶家吃飯


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【Relax for a minute…… Celebrate singlehood】
We often come across lovey-dovey couples on the streets, but every relationship will surely have its fair share of rocky moments. Hence, we should learn to appreciate the pleasure of being alone. Of course, whether we are single or attached, there are both pros and cons. Instead of admiring others, let us enjoy our current status!

Moments to appreciate our singlehood:
– When only bar seats are available in a restaurant
– When selecting the best gift for the other half for Valentine’s Day
– When couples next door seem to fight day and night
– When parents feel embarrassed when their children are running around inside the lift
– When friends report their whereabouts to their spouses
– When friends complain about their spouses snoring in the night
– When a colleague is torn between having meals with their family or in-laws during festive seasons

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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