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老姑婆 — 無結婚的老女人。
剩女/剩男 — 源自內地形容到適婚年齡而未結婚的男生。
盛女 — 剩女的諧音,源自香港真人秀節目將單身女性包裝改造尋找對象。
乾物女 — 源自日本,形容放棄戀愛、像香菇一樣乾巴巴過著懶散生活的年輕女生。
敗犬 — 源自日本指年過三十未婚的女性,就像喪家之犬一樣遭人排擠。
光棍 — 源自內地形容單身男士,後來泛指單身人士。
單身狗 — 源自內地的網絡用語,單身人士以狗自喻,有自嘲意味。
毒男/毒女 — 源自日文「獨男」,獨與毒同音,指欠缺異性緣的單身男女。
單身貴族 — 沒有伴侶、經濟條件好的未婚人士。
鑽石王老五 — 事業有成又很富有的單身男人。
Self-partnered — Emma Watson享受單身現狀而創出的新字,表示享受與自己作伴。


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Spinster? Old maid? ‘Single dog’?
Terms used to describe single individuals

We are living in an era that celebrates singlehood. The population of single individuals is increasing by the day, but many derogatory terms are still constantly used to make fun of them. These derogatory terms will even further reinforce the negative stereotype towards single people. Which of the following terms do you hate the most?

Old hag (‘lou gu po’) – unmarried old woman
‘Leftover men/women’ (‘sing nam’/’sing lui’) — Men/women who have reached the age to marry but still did not do so
Experienced women (‘sing lui’) – has the same Cantonese pronunciation as the ‘leftover women’; the concept came from a reality show which gave single bachelorettes a makeover and helped them find partners
‘Himono onna’ – originated from Japan; used to describe young woman who have given up on love, and they prefer to live a laid back life like dried mushrooms
‘Bai hyun’ or which literally means defeated dog – originated from Japan; used to describe unmarried woman who have reached their 30s; just like ostracized stray dogs
‘Gwong gwan’ or literally means ‘single man’ – originated from mainland; used to describe bachelors at first, but soon became a general term to describe all single individuals
‘Dan san gao’ which literally means single dog – commonly used by netizens from mainland; the use of the word ‘dog’ is derogatory

‘Duk lam’/’duk lui’, which literally means ‘poisonous men / women’ – originated from Japan; has a similar pronunciation as ‘lonely men/women’; refers to single men and women who fail to attract the opposite sex
Bachelor (‘dan san gwai zuk’) – a man without a partner and is financially independent
Diamond bachelor (‘zyun sek wong lou ng’) – a single man who is rich and has a successful career
Self-partnered — a term actress Emma Watson coined to express the joy of living with her own self

Be it single or married, you must learn to take good care of our health and lead a healthier life.

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