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(T:註冊營養師Tiffany Shek,C:註冊中醫師Cinci EC)

T:米水的主要成分包括米和水,因此主要營養成分為碳水化合物及少量蛋白質,幾乎不含任何脂肪。註冊營養師在適當的時候會用米水作止瀉的用途 *1。喝一包米水能供應16卡路里,即少過半湯匙飯,而一包20克的即沖朝米水粉則有75卡路里,相等於約2湯匙飯。


Solving the mystery of rice water nutrition

What is rice water?
( T: Tiffany Shek, Registered Dietitian, C: Cinci EC, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

T: Rice water is made from rice and water. Main source of nutrients provided include carbohydrates and small amounts of protein; there are scarce amounts of fat in rice water. Registered Dietitians in the hospital setting often recommend incorporating rice water into enteral feeding regimes to relieve diarrhea .*1 One pack of rice water has 16 calories, which is less the amount of calories provided in 1/2 a tablespoon of rice. One pack of 20g rice water powder has 75 calories, which equates to approximately 2 tablespoons of plain rice.

Reference註解*1:Gregorio et al. (2016) Polymer-based oral rehydration solution for treating acute watery diarrhoea. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, issue 12

C: A famous book about healthy eating says that rice and congee is the top replenishing food for people. Rice is mild in nature, can replenish vital energy and nourish qi, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach. Rice water is made with red rice, white rice and coix seeds and it is mild in nature. Red rice and white rice are mild in nature, and we add in coix seed to dispel dampness and strengthen the spleen. It is suitable for everyone so have a cup daily to reduce the burden on your digestive system. Nourish your spleen and stomach to have a healthy digestive system which is the basis of healthy body.

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