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來到初夏,已感受到潮濕悶熱天氣對身體的影響了,胃口變差,老是想喝凍飲,飲食選擇也轉了季,以下是中環OL Summer一天的飲食記錄,在當中有否找到你的影子?

早餐- 粟米片 + 冰凍牛奶,在辦公室快速解決早餐之選
午餐- 胃口不佳,原本只吃沙律,又怕不夠飽,多喝了杯凍芝士奶蓋綠茶加珍珠
下午餐- 同事Farewell請食雪糕,萬歲!
晚餐- 天氣熱,不想吃熱食,吃了刺身及壽司
宵夜- 受家人誘惑,吃了個透心涼消暑刨冰


✓ 少吃生冷食物及凍飲
✓ 少吃甜食
✓ 適量進食粗糧如米飯、番薯、薯仔、白扁豆、薏米、淮山等健脾食材
✓ 每日飲米水,健脾祛濕
✓ 做適量運動,有助身體排汗祛濕


Poor diet can lead to phlegm and dampness
Summer is approaching so the humid weather can affect your body leading to poor appetite, urge to have cold drinks, and even food choices change with the season. This is the food diary of a central office person in the summer, does it look familiar?

Breakfast- Corn flakes + cold milk. Quick breakfast choice in the office
Lunch- Just want to have salad due to lack of appetite, but you add in a cheese foam iced green tea with boba in case the salad is not enough
Afternoon tea- Ice cream from colleague’s farewell party
Dinner- It is too hot to eat warm food so you choose sashimi and sushi instead.
Midnight snack- Tempted by family, you have a shaved ice.

Hot weather may let you eat too much cold/raw food and drinks unconsciously. You may think that eating cold food can help to clear heat. From a Chinese medicine perspective, ice can help to clear heat indeed but spleen and stomach would be harmed when you eat too much cold/raw food. The harmed spleen and stomach cannot excrete the body fluid then collects dampness that leads to phlegm and dampness body type. This leads to a vicious cycle with bad appetite, abdominal bloating, stomach bloating and diarrhea. “Most ailments are caused by phlegm”. Dampness attack different body parts then leads to various diseases. Women are prone to gynecological disease due to dampness such as increased vaginal discharge, difficulty to conceive or morning sickness during pregnancy. So think before eating cold/raw rood!

Diet pointers to improve phlegm and dampness
✓ Eat less cold/raw food or drink
✓ Eat less sweets
✓ Have ingredients such as rice, sweet potato, potato, hyacinth bean, coix seeds, Chinese yam to strengthen the spleen
✓ Drink rice water every day to strengthen spleen and dispel dampness
✓ Exercise moderately to sweat and dispel dampness

Hyacinth bean coats tea with rice beans and dried citrus peel
Effects: Strengthens spleen and dispels dampness. Relieves symptoms such as fatigue, bloated limbs and edema.
Ingredients: 20g rice beans, 6g hyacinth bean coats, 10g dried citrus peel
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 800ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Pour all contents into a thermos and tea can re-brewed until flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days. 2 weeks for a treatment.

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