July 27, 2021




– 避開中午陽光最猛烈的時間活動
– 穿著防曬及透氣衣物
– 運動前先飲用適量水份
– 每隔20分鐘,補充約100-200毫升水份,亦可趁機休息
– 避免飲用茶、咖啡、酒精飲品等加速身體排水的飲料
– 身體不適、睡眠不足、身體虛弱情況下都不宜進行戶外活動

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Prevent getting a heat stroke doing water sports
Water sports are popular during summer. Many people think they can avoid a heat stroke in the water, but this is actually a misconception. When being overly exposed to the sun while being in the water, our body cannot dissipate heat easily because the water temperature is higher than that of our body. If we do not hydrate our body in time, we might develop a heatstroke.

We need to know our limits when carrying out water sports. When we experience headache, dizziness and nauseousness, or when our limbs turn weak, we should immediately take a rest under the shade. At the same time, we should wipe our body with a wet towel, fan ourselves, and drink water or isotonic beverages to rehydrate our body. If the condition persists, we must seek medical treatment.

Tips to prevent heat stroke during watersports:
-Avoid going out at noon as the sun is at its peak
-Wear clothes that are made from breathable fabrics and can protect you from the sun
-Drink sufficient water before carrying out any activity
-Take a break to rehydrate the body by drinking 100-200ml every 20 minutes
-Avoid drinking tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, as they are diuretic in nature
-Avoid water sports when we did not sleep well the night before or not feeling well on the day itself

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