January 1, 2018

【派對後 SOS - 聲沙沙的煩惱 】就是開不了口讓他/她知道,就是那麼簡單幾句我辦不到。




Please return my voice!
A lot of people party til dawn on New Years Eve and most parties are quite loud so speaking over the loud noises is inevitable. A lot of people end up yelling all night talking to friends. Those with yin deficient body constitution are made more prone to catching heat in their bodies which lead to dry and sore throat, coarse voice or even loss of voice especially in the mornings. You can try the ‘loss of voice healing tea’ or this malva nut tea with honey to moisten your throat, relieve infection and swelling.

Malva nut tea with honey
Ingredients: 4 malva nuts, small amounts of green tea, honey
Preparation: put malva nut and green tea into pot and rinse with boiling water. Then steep with hot water for 15 minutes and add honey to taste. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens.
Effects: clears lungs to reduce phlegm, relieves sore throat and opens up voice. Suitable for those with yin deficient and damp heat body types and for those with coarse voice due to late nights, consumption of alcohol and smoking. Note it is not suitable for those without heat related symptoms.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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