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1. 清大腸經300下

2. 順時針摩腹5分鐘

Use massage to relieve children constipation
All parents become poop specialists as they examine their baby’s poop all the time. Constipation can be quite worrying. Some babies can go a few days without bowel movement, or the stool may be hard and dry making it hard to pass.
To relieve constipation, try to adjust regular diet and use massage. Let your baby drink more water, and appropriately eat things that can moisten the bowel to relieve constipation such as figs, dragon fruit, black sesame, walnut, honey (babies under 1 year old cannot have honey), avoid hot natured food such as fried, oily and baked food.
Chinese medicine baby massage can also relieve constipation. Even if you method or location is not exact, you will not create adverse effects, and especially suitable for children aged 0-6. Here are two locations to massage for constipation, massage once daily for five days for a treatment course.

1. Clear your large intestine meridian for 300 times
Location: From the thumb side of your index finger, forming a straight line from the connecting point of thumb and index to the tip of index finger
Method: Use your thumb to press from the thumb and index connecting point to tip of index finger in one direction
2. Massage your abdomen clockwise for 5 minutes
Location: Use your belly button as the center point, and the radius measuring to below your rib cage
Method: Use your palm or three middle fingers to massage clockwise for 5 minutes

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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