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Make an eye nourishing tea for your significant other
Couples often look into each other’s eyes, and can easily to spot unsuual changes in them. Chinese Medicine opined that ‘the liver opens the vision of the eyes’, therefore eye discomfort might be related to liver health.

For instance, liver with accumulated heat might cause a person’s eyes to turn red and dry, whereas the yellowing of the white of the eyes might be associated with problems of the liver.

Excessive eye discharge might mean the body has retained too much heat; staring at the computer monitor or straining the eyes for a long period can cause the eye to itch, turn red and feel tired. Staying up late might also cause dark eye circles to develop.

If you notice your partners’ eyes are not in a good shape, why not prepare a suitable herbal tea for him or her, and gently message the temple (‘tai yang’ acupoint), as it can help relieve the eyes, and give you a chance to show that you care.

Tea to soothe dry eyes
Effects: Clears heat and improves vision. Relieves dry eyes, dry throat and skin dryness caused by dryness.
Ingredients: half golden monk fruit, 3-4 chrysanthemum
Preparation: Mash monk fruit. Combine all ingredients into a pot with 1000ml of water and cook for 15-20 minutes.
This tea can be re-brewed until flavour weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days. Two weeks for a treatment.

Tea to soothe dark circles
Effects: promotes blood circulation to relieve bruising, alleviates dark circles, dark complexion and lips, pimple scars.
Ingredients: 6g red peony root, 6g peach kernel, 6g mulberry
Preparation: : Place all ingredients into thermos and add in hot water and steep for 15-20 minutes until aroma develops. This tea can be re-brewed until flavour weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 2-3 days. Two weeks for a treatment.
Remarks: not suitable for pregnant and menstruating ladies

✔Beauty tea recommendation: Dark Circles
Effects: Promotes blood circulation to eliminate blood stasis. Suitable for dark circles, dull complexion and lip colour and pimple marks

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