January 24, 2020




東星斑 — 學生哥最怕,因為「Don’t升班」意頭不好啊!

燉冬菇 / 炒魷魚 / 無情雞 — 打工仔最忌吃這三道菜式,燉冬菇代表降職,吃了炒魷魚及無情雞更要立即加入失業大軍。

檸檬 — 新年想有人陪自己過,戀愛初哥表白卻慘食檸檬,下次再努力吧!

詐糊 — 新年打返幾圈,麻雀友最棹忌食詐糊。

白果 — 白忙一場結果徒勞無功,誰也不想食白果呢!

西北風 — 祝大家新一年工作順利,不要吃西北風過活啊!

What are you afraid to eat during Chinese new year?
Kung Hei Fat Choi! We wish everyone good health! Starting from the Winter Solstice reunion dinner, everyone should be quite filled with lots gathering for Chinese new year, but there are some foods that you absolutely do not want to eat. What are they?

Leopard coral trout- students would not to eat as it pronounce like “not getting into next grade”

Stewed Shiitake mushroom / Fried squid / Relentless chicken- these three dishes are the most forbidden for employees. Stewed Shiitake mushroom represent demotion. If you eat fried squid and relentless chicken, you may immediately join the unemployed army.

Lemon- you wish to have a companion during Chinese new year, but you fail to confess your love. Try again next time!

Trick hand- It is forbidden for those playing mahjong during Chinese new year.

Ginkgo nut- no one wants to have nothing after he/she worked so hard.

Northwest wind- hope everything goes well with your work in the new year. Do not “eat” the northwest wind which means no income.

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