November 24, 2020




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Boogers reflect the body’s health condition
Many people think boogers, which are made up of nasal discharge, dusts and air particles, are filthy and do not wish to talk about it, but they play an important role as the front liner against bacteria.

Just like mucus, we can identify a person’s health by his or her boogers. If boogers are sticky and come in a large volume, it could mean the body has heat, and the person might have eaten fried, greasy, barbecued and spicy food.

If the mucus is clear, appears in a large quantity, as well as white in color, it could mean that the person might have encountered the wind and cold pathogens. If the boogers are dry and contain streaks of blood, it could mean the body is affected by the dry and heat pathogens, especially during the dry autumn and winter seasons.

Unlike earwax, which will go away on its own, we have to clean boogers ourselves. When we notice boogers in a large quantity, this might mean we are in contact with a dusty environment; or when our nose feels itchy and we cannot breathe properly, it is time to clean them out. It is best to wash our hands first to prevent bacterial infection through the nose, and remember to clean it gently to avoid hurting the tender nasal mucosa.

If there is a constant large amount of boogers that needs to be removed daily, there could potentially be problems with the nasal cavity, for instance, sinus inflammation. Do consult registered and licensed Chinese medicine practitioner for medical solutions if this occurs.

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