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全城一片黑糖奶茶熱潮!售賣台式茶飲的店舖幾乎十步一間,近來更一窩蜂售賣黑糖掛帥的茶飲,不少人看到「黑糖」二字,就覺得增添一份「健康感」,因為不少人認為「黑糖不是比精製白糖更健康嗎?」其實沒有添加的真正黑糖才有以上功效,近年坊間黑糖質素良莠不齊,大家要小心選擇。一杯黑糖奶茶,從中醫角度來看,紅茶屬性偏溫;奶屬性較滋膩;黑糖由蔗糖長時間熬煮而成,性溫熱,具健脾暖胃、散寒活血功效,較適合陽虛、氣血虛弱人士食用。要注意脾胃虛弱、痰濕及濕熱體質人士不宜飲用,因為會加重脾胃負擔,讓身體濕的症狀更嚴重。 下次買飲品時不妨參考以下的智選茶飲小貼士。

– 選擇熱飲、常溫或走冰
– 走糖或少糖
– 選擇配合體質的茶類飲品,例如身體偏寒的人選紅茶類,身體偏熱的人選綠茶類
– 痰濕及濕熱體質少喝奶蓋為妙
– 選純茶比奶茶好,選鮮奶比奶精好
– 盡量選擇天然配料

How can brown sugar milk tea be healthy?
Brown sugar milk tea has been such a hit in town lately, and you can easily find Taiwanese style milk tea shop. Some people see brown sugar and believe it’s healthier as regular sugar is more processed. Brown sugar without additives is in fact healthier than regular sugar but the qualities of brown sugar around have been inconsistent so it is important to choose carefully. Looking at brown sugar milk tea from Chinese medicine theory perspective, red tea is warm in nature; milk is more greasy; brown sugar is made from cooking sugar cane for longer period of time and is warm in nature. Brown sugar can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, dispel cold and promote blood circulation. It is suitable for those with yang deficiency and asthenic qi and blood. Note that those with asthenic spleen and stomach, phlegm and dampness, and damp heat body types should avoid as the milk tea can add to the burden of the spleen and stomach. Next time you buy a drink, try to follow these tips:

– Choose to have it hot, room temperature or cold without ice
– Have less sugar or no sugar at all
– Choose your drink based on your body type, for example those with cold body type should choose red teas, and those with hot body types should choose green tea
– Those with phlegm and dampness or damp heat body types should avoid milk foam
– Plain tea is better than milk tea; fresh milk is better than creamer
– Try to choose drinks with natural ingredients

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