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Is something good or bad coming when your eyes twitch?

When your eyes twitch, it is your eye skin moving quickly and sometimes your eye brows would move too. The occasional eye twitch is no big deal but have you ever experienced days of it? It is actually not related to luck but your body telling you something is wrong! When you have weak spleen and the transport function is decreased, it could affect control over the eyes leading to the twitch. Also those with blood asthenia will also experience eye twitching. Using your eyes for a long time can also lead to eye twitch as those with liver blood deficiency will be unable to nourish the eyes properly. So next time you experience eye twitches, don’t worry about your luck, but watch your health! When you make rice, add in some brown rice and sweet potatoes to replenish your vital energy and strengthen the spleen.
Brown rice with sweet potato
Ingredients: white rice, brown rice, sweet potatoes
Preparation: peel sweet potatoes and cut into small pieces. Soak brown rice for 1 hour and add in to rice cook with white rice to cook. Put in appropriate amounts of water, ad in sweet potato and cook. Adjust the proportions of white and brown rice according to your personal preference, but to avoid indigestion, the proportions of brown rice should not be more than half.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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