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青欖 — 性平,有開胃生津、化痰利咽、解酒的作用,適合咽喉疼痛、煩熱口渴、肺熱咳嗽、飲酒過多人士食用。

胖大海 — 性寒,有清肺化痰、利咽開音、潤腸通便的功效,適用於肺熱聲啞、咽喉疼痛、肺熱咳嗽、燥熱便秘等症狀。由於性寒,脾胃虛弱人士不宜服用。

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Chinese white olive and malva nut – sore throat relievers
People often overlook sore throats, thinking they can solve the problem by drinking water, but sore throat can cause a long-term discomfort if left unattended. There are many contributing factors as well. Besides flu, yin deficiency and dryness are the common causes.

Individuals who constantly use their voice such as singers, teachers and salespersons would experience dryness in the throat, if they do not maintain its moisture level. This might even cause voices to turn hoarse or even lead to voice loss.

When encountering such situation, try using Chinese white olive and malva nut to relieve the throat. Chinese white olive is mild in nature, can stimulate appetite, induce saliva production, clear phlegm and relieve sore throat. Malva nut on the other hand is cold in nature, suitable to relieve dryness. It is especially beneficial for those who suffer from sore throat or voice loss after having barbecued food.

Chinese white olive – mild in nature; can stimulate appetite, induce saliva production, clear phlegm, relieve sore throat, and relieve hangovers; suitable to relieve sore throat, clear body heat and quench one’s thirst, and is suitable for individuals who indulge in alcohol beverages and those who cough constantly and with heat in lungs.

Malva nut – cold in nature, can clear the lungs and phlegm; good for the throat and intestines, as well as passing motion; is helpful to eliminate the heat in the lungs and relieve cough, hoarse voice, sore throat, dryness as well as constipation. Since it is cold in nature, individuals with asthenic spleen and stomach should not consume.

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