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Where does phlegm come from?
Do you often feel phlegm stuck in your throat? Where does phlegm actually come from? In general, any abnormal secretions in the throat are referred to as phlegm. According to traditional Chinese medicine, phlegm is considered a pathologic and viscous fluid in the body, and it will take form when there are abnormalities in the internal organs.
The Chinese character for “”phlegm”” contains the elements of “”two fires,”” suggesting that excessive internal heat and the accumulation of metabolic waste can lead to the formation of phlegm.
Additionally, infections from external pathogens, such as the common cold, can also produce phlegm. Phlegm can interfere with the ascending and descending movement of qi, the circulation of meridians, as well as the flow of blood and body fluids, impeding the functioning of the body.

Dietary dos and don’ts for those with phlegm
⭕Dos: monk fruit, kumquat, dried citrus peel, white radish, hyacinth bean, poria, Chinese yam
❌Don’ts: raw and cold food, dairy products, snow fungus, fig, honey, candies, chocolate, yin nourishing foods such as bird’s nest and fish maw; sticky foods such as boba, glutinous rice dumpling, taro rice balls etc.

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